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So yesterday evening I started browsing the internet. I didn’t really have a goal in mind I just wanted to do something. So I went to GitHub and I clicked links to see where they would take me. I would up being dragged over to a new site (at least I think it’s new) that GitHub is running called SpeakerDeck. I clicked on a presentation called “Github CSS Performance” and immediately I was thinking “Wait what? Css has performance issues?” and I was taken into a whole new world. I learned that the browsers parse CSS in a misleading way and work their ways eliminating tags from the selectors. I also learned about css indexing and how you can rewrite your tags in order to place a tag under a different index. It was all quite informative.

While I don’t have the time today to write out a well written post I did want to share this video with you by Jon Rohan at GitHub.


14 December 2012
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